Work package 3

Leader: Eric Jeppesen (AU)


In this WP, the extensive data archives provided through WP2 from the lake high frequency monitoring systems in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Israel, together with the data from the experimental site in Denmark, will be mined to inform the modelling and cost benefit analysis work packages, and to produce high quality outputs describing the effects of both algal blooms, high dissolved organic matter (DOM), high nutrient and heatwave events on lake ecosystems for both the research and water resources management communities. The case studies will focus on:
  • DOM and climate change interactions, and
  • nutrient-climate change interactions and risk of algal (cyanobacterial) blooms.

On-going work at the highly controlled experimental site in Denmark manipulates nutrient-climate warming interactions including heatwaves, and also deals with effects of extreme runoff of DOM at contrasting nutrient levels and climate. These data are a unique resource to the project.