Work package 2

Leader: Elvira de Eyto (MI)


This work package will ensure that high frequency monitoring (HFM) data from five study sites are collected, collated, quality controlled and made available to the project consortium, via four tasks:
  • WT2.1 Archived data will be collated, cleaned and formatted appropriately for initial model development and testing to be carried out. This data will include HFM lake data as well as low frequency and HFM catchment and meteorological data.
  • WT2.2 The maintenance of monitoring stations along with associated calibrations and data cleaning will continue for the lifetime of the project.
  • WT2.3 Scripts to enable automated QA/QC of near real time data will be developed to address, for example, data gaps and removal of outliers.
  • WT2.4 an IT infrastructure to enable the project participants to access these data in near real time, subsequent to automated QA/QC will be developed.