Welcome to the PROGNOS blog!

This is a place where the groups working on the PROGNOS project exchange information on the progress they are making in modelling, data analysis or cost-benefit analysis in the project. For example, in developing model simulations of lake thermal structure and water quality the blog presents modellers efforts to better calibrate and verify their simulations; efforts to simulate case studies events; efforts to develop water quality forecasts.

The blog is a dynamic, living document aimed at improving project communication and efficiency. As such it may at times be a bit technical and difficult to completely understand. Still, we hope the project stakeholders and others will find it interesting to follow our progress.

Shadow analysis for Lemming

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QGIS analysis output of the sun/shadow conditions at the Lemming site where shadow casts from terrain obstacles (trees, buildings etc.) are accounted for. Results render conditions for the 5 January 2015 from sunrise to sunset. More information on methodologies please … Continued


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