Postdoctoral researcher in Limnology specialized in lake modeling

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The Department of Limnology at Uppsala University, Sweden is searching for a Post Doctoral researcher specializing in lake modeling. The post doc will participate in three projects. Common to all projects is the use mathematical models to predict lake hydrothermal structure and lake water quality. All projects will make use of similar data sets, and modeling methods, and all projects are concerned with the coupling between weather, climate, lake physics and lake ecology. The project PROGNOS ( is developing methods to use data collected by high frequency automated lake monitoring systems to improve lake model parameterization and initialization. Such models when driven with weather forecasts produce short term forecasts of lake water quality that can aid water management. The project WATExR ( has similar goals, but is concerned with probabilistic forecasts at seasonal time scales. Extensive time series of data to test, calibrate and verify models are available from the Erken laboratory (, and these data are used in our modeling activities. Lake modelers at the Department of Limnology are helping to coordinate lake sector simulations in the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Inter-comparison Project (, which will make a wide-ranging evaluation of the effects of climate change on lakes. As part of this effort, the candidate will be involved in simulating future climate conditions in Lake Erken, and cooperating with others working in the ISIMIP network. The post doc will work as part of a group also consisting of MSc and PhD students.

The post doc will:

·         Run existing hydrothermal and water quality models set up for Lake Erken, and develop model setups for other lakes of interest.

·         Develop model optimization methods that will improve model performance when simulating water temperature and water quality, and which are appropriate for use at all three time scales of interest: short-term, seasonal, and future climate.

·         Run long-term historical and future climate scenarios on Lake Erken using data sets obtained from the ISIMIP project.

·         Support ongoing work in the PROGNOS, WATExR, and ISIMIP projects.

It is expected that the post doc will take a leading role in the modeling group helping members achieve common goals, and that the candidate will also have the opportunity to developed new studies based on the models and data available to the group. The candidate should have experience with numerical lake modes, and be literate in computer programing, and be able to manipulate and analyze large data sets produced by numerical models. An interest in societal issues related to climate change and water management is a merit.

A full description of the position and application instructions are available at. The deadline for the application is 31 December 2017.