Lake Erken Model Temperature Calibration

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The Lake Erken GOTM model has been tested and calibrated using two different data sets.  The first data set is for an 11 year period between 2006 and 2016.  To judge the performance of the model, and to also provide data to calibrate against, we use automated temperature data collected from a buoy based system that is deployed on the lake during periods of ice free conditions.  Profiles are collected every 30 min between 0.5 and 15 meters at 0.5 m intervals.  For this comparison we averaged the 30 min data to give daily profiles.  The measured data and the modeled data following calibration are shown below

Graphs showing the diferences between the measured and simulated temperatures are shown below

Single year celebrations at the higher 30 minute time resolution were also tried and were successful.  Below are similar plots, but only for the period in 2016 when we were able to collect the automated temperature profile data.

Note that the effects of the internal seiche on the thermocline can be seen in the measured data with the 30 min time step.  Seiche movement can no be reproduced with a 1D model such as GOTM