2nd annual meeting

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The second annual meeting for the PROGNOS project was held in NIVA, Oslo, on 13th and 16th June.

The project team first held a modelling workshop on the 13th and 14th, reviewing progress to date and planning for the next six months. The physical model GOTM has now successfully been used to carry out multi-year simulations at all sites. Examples of those simulations are now available on the PROGNOS Project blog webpage. This work has been facilitated by a new optimisation tool developed by PROGNOS participants Bolding and Bruggeman. The workshop also gave an opportunity for the lake biogeochemical model ERGOM to be run for all sites. Work in the coming months will concentrate on identifying the optimum time step for the simulation of extreme events at the sites, comparison of different forcing data sets, and development of a new sub-routine for simulation of dissolved organic carbon in ERGOM.

The team were joined by Irish and Norwegian stakeholders from the water sector on the 15th and 16th and heard updates on the ongoing cost benefit analysis of using high frequency monitoring coupled to models to forecast water quality. They also had invited talks from Heleen de Wit of NIVA on trends and drivers of DOC export from catchments, and from Bas Ibelings (University of Geneva) on issues for water managers related to cyanobacterial blooms.